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When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Roof

There is no specific formula that can help you know the right time to replace your roof. All you can use to know whether your roof needs replacement or repair are the various signs of damage or aging. However, the sole decision on whether it is time to replace or repair a roof is on the owner of the house and highly depends on its age and overall condition. However, repairing or replacing a roof when the first signs of roof damage are seen can help you minimize any damage to your home. The following factors should tell you the time to replace a roof:

Cracking and Curling
Tears in shingles, curling and cracking are a clear signal that your roof replacement is necessary. This signs are seen when you do visual inspection to the roof of your house. Visual inspection can be done by climbing to the roof or use a binocular to look up the roof for any signs of curling and cracking. If you discover that many shingles are cracked and curled, then you are allowed to replace your roof. But if the curling and cracking are very few then you can decide to either repair or replace them depending on the size of your pocket.

Age of the Roof
Most roofs normally have a lifespan of approximately 10 to 20 years. If your roof is more than 20 years of age and has got a lot of worn shingles, then do not hesitate to replace it with professional services. Although it is hard to detect how long a roof can last in advance, it is important to have your roof checked after about 10 years if you are using Asphalt shingles. This will really help you detect serious problems in advance. It’s also important to know that wood shakes last more than asphalt but with proper maintenance and care. However, many homeowners do not see the essence of maintaining wood roofs regularly until they start experiencing problems on them.

Asphalt shingles has a layer of granules. These are small particles of granites that are crushed and that help to protect your roof’s shingles from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Your roof become vulnerable to damage when this granules are detached from the shingles. However, when granules detach from a new roof, it can mean no serious danger as when they do seo in older ones.

Moisture spots inside the roof of your house are a clear call for roof replacement. First, check the ceiling for this spots and then proceed to the roof rafters for any gaps that can allow leaking. If you cannot be able to do this personally, you can as well hire a professional who will assist you in checking important areas of your roof such as vents and chimneys and also check for damaged shingles.

Let me hope these simple tips have given you; a home owner an insight on whether to replace your roof or repair it. All in all, you should be cautious on finding the right professionals to do roof replacement for you.

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