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The Importance of Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is an important exercise that many people should employ. The importance of roof cleaning revolve around property values, aesthetic, increased longevity and energy efficiency of the roof. A quality roof that is well cleaned and maintained last for about 30 years. Some of the importance include:

1. The activity Stop the roof damage
Some roof staining organisms do a lot of harm to the roof. These organisms, mostly the algae, moss and lichens feeding on the organic material from the shingles. The longer they stay and feast on the shingles, the more damage they cause to the roof. Removing them is the best option to enhance longevity of the roof.

2. Prevention of health risks that can affect people and pets
The roof algae, moss, and lichens can eat the shingles and access the roof deck where they can cause wood rot. Wood rots causes the moisture to get in through cracks and creates an environment that is hospitable to the growth of mold. Mold growth in can pose many health risks to people and pets. Don’t ignore roof stains.

3. Prevent the insurance company from cancelling an individual homeowner’s policy
The insurance policy for home may be cancelled for having dirty roof. The companies are demanding that homeowners should have the stained roofs cleaned. The companies usually give very short notice to do this. It is important for an individual to be proactive and have the roof stains removed before getting the notice from the insurance company. Untreated roof stains negatively impact overall integrity of a roof that may cause mold growth. Roof stains are risks that can cost insurance company money in a claim.

4. Cleaning cut down the cooling cost
Roof covered with moss, algae, etc. is not able to reflect the sunlight. Algae covered shingles absorb a lot of heat, causing super-heating to the attic and thereby increasing the cooling costs. apple Roof cleaning companies will safely and completely removes staining and restore the roof back to its efficiency and natural health. 

5. Cost saving from premature re-roofing
Having the roof cleaned is a cost saving alternative to the premature re-roofing. There is no need to re-roof the roof as it can look new again for a replacement costs of cleaning.

6. Restore the beauty of the home.

Cleaning restore home’s beauty. Dirty roof is not appealing to look. Clean the ugly roof stains and do everything possible to improve the home’s exterior. The stains are the main focal point of the home’s exterior. Also this increases the chances of selling a house.

7. Prevent the invasion of animals
Algae, moss and lichen can penetrate the shingles and allow the moisture to get into sheathing and cause wood to rot. The smell of rotting wood can attracts animals which they associate with the smell of food and shelter. In many instances, animals enter through a roof if the wood has started to rot. Some animals may be dangerous to human survival.

Cleaning of the roof is an activity that should be practiced by all home owners to improve the living conditions.

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