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Effects of Hardwood Flooring Ceilings On Roofing Plans

When neatly finished, hardwood ceilings can look neat and attractive. Its durability will also depend on the place of the wood ceiling in the house. Products made of wood can be affected by water and moisture. Considering this factor it’s therefore important to consider where to put a hardwood ceiling. Places that are frequently subjected to water include kitchen floors, bathroom and washrooms and it’s not recommended to use hardwood ceiling floors in such areas as it would not last for long because water and moisture affects hardwood products

Below are some of the benefits of using hardwood material to make eilings;

hardwood is considered to be cheap when compared with other materials that are used to finish floors. It’s therefore advisable to consider the cost of the material.

hardwood is relatively found almost everywhere in the natural environment. Considering availability it is advisable to be used when finishing the housing ceiling.

hardwood ceilings when finely finished give a good attractive look.

Though hardwood ceilings have got their positive side it is also good to note their effects. Since is not resistant to water and moisture the durability of hardwood floors can greatly reduce if it’s exposed to water and moisture. For instance if in one section of the ceiling can be rained on then the durability will be greatly affected. In areas which experience long periods of winter season and falling ice wood floors cannot work perfectly. Hardwood can also be attacked by termites. Termites attack can also greatly reduce its durability.

4)Construction risk.

less materials are wasted in making ceiling making of hardwood. Wood is not risk to handle like materials made from plastic and glass which can lead to high loss if not carefully handled. Small pieces that remain can be still be fixed and this minimizes the cost of putting the ceiling.

since hardwood is found cheaply it can be easy to repair hardwood ceilings in case of a leakage or some sections having problems due to aging.

It’s important to consider the following while making the right type of ceiling made from hardwood;
-choosing the right type of hardwood from the right tree .it’s important to go for hardwood type of trees as they are strong and very durable.
-it’s important to use ceilings that are made from totally dried lumber. This ensures that the ceilings produced are strong and cannot be attacked by termites
-in considering the cost it’s advisable to find hardwood from local trees .this can reduce the cost rather than buying or going for imported hardwood.

Wooden ceilings can also affect roofing plans in the following ways;

When old wooden ceilings look unattractive and this can be unpleasing. Hardwood is not resistant to water and if exposed to water and moisture its durability can be affected. Therefore great care should be taken in maintaining hardwood ceilings.

Hardwood also can be attacked by termites if the room is not neatly maintained or if there is a leakage from the roof that can cause high chances of termite attacks. Hardwoods cannot be used in rooms that are frequently exposed to water and moisture like in the kitchen and bathrooms. If used in such places its durability is greatly reduced.

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