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10 Tips For Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Roofing work takes appreciable amount of time and money and choosing a right company for such work is imperative. Research on different companies before finalizing a company can save you a lot of hassle in the future. Here are 10 tips for hiring a roofing contractor

Read Customer Reviews

It is imperative to search online or ask around about the quality of services provided by a company before you hire them. Go to their website or popular forums to ask whether there are any disgruntled customers or people who recommend services of the company


Warranties are a sign that good roofing Company has faith in their work. Warranties are a sign that the roof installation will be of quality since the materials warranty are covered by the manufacturer. A good contractor will offer a warranty of at least one year.

Choose a Locally Owned Company

A locally owned company will provide you a prompt response than a company situated in some other state. Roofing repair warranty is expensive and for problems that require immediate response, local companies would provide a better option.


Good roofing contractors will always provide you with a written estimate of the installation or repairs. The estimate should outline the need materials, nature of project, estimated durations and total cost o project. A written estimate helps you to understand payment terms.

Check for Insurance

Make sure that the roof repair company has the correct insurance for working in a risk prone area like roofs. A General Liability Policy that protects a company from claims like personal injury or property damage must be in possession of the company. Always ask about the insurance cover and its limitations when you are shortlisting companies.


Every company by virtue of construction laws requires a state license to start roofing project. A good contractor will always have a license to show. A work permit is also required in most cases before starting a particular project. Find out the experience a contractor has in getting permits and request a copy for the record

Know their line of Products

Today roofing companies provide a variety of options in design and material. The quality of the material used in roofing holds highest priority as you don’t want to repair your roof after every 6 months. Hence, ask as many questions as you could about different designs and material a company offers and which one would be appropriate for your roofing needs.


Experience is essential as you are paying an appreciable amount of money for roofing. A housing company that has years of experience in roofing business will provide you better services with minimal turnaround time than a company that has just started.

Financial stability

Financial stability helps to determine the stability and efficiency of a company which is important to make sure that your work will be completed on time.

Expertise and Knowledge

Good roofing companies will always be ready to give you references of their work, so you can visit a property or two to evaluate the quality of their work. They will also be able to suggest you many roofing options and guide you to install the most suitable.

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